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A bit of New York in Barcelona.

We are a bistro inspired by New York. We offer a selection of the most typical dishes from there with the care, the ingredients and the touch of here. We are a meeting point for visitors, artists and curious people.

The easy, simple and relaxed alternative to discover with friends, parents or children. We are breakfast, brunch, lunches and dinners. We are the cup well served at night. We are good background music, a nice atmosphere, the news of the day ... and a smile. We are your cool restaurant in Barcelona!

Fresh food made today. Tomorrow, too.

We are proud to keep our proposal firm.
All our dishes:
- Homemade in its entirety
- Daily produce
- Km. 0 Ingredient (local products)
- Meat without hormones and proven quality process.
This is our Bistro, bon profit!
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Become part of our Staff

At Meatpacking Bistro we are looking for positive, dynamic and active people with desire to work.

If you want to be part of our team, send us your cv by email to:


Phone: 932 008 908
E-mail: meetme@meatpackingbistro.com
Meatpacking Bistro Schedule
Monday · Tuesday · Wednesday:
9:00 a 23:00
Thursday · Friday:
9:00 a 0:00
Saturday: 11:30 a 0:00
Sunday: 11:30 a 17:00
Liquor Bar Schedule
Thursday: close at 01:00
Friday · Saturday:
close at 02:00
Kitchen Schedule
Monday · Tuesday · Wednesday:
10:30 a 22:00
Thursday · Friday:
10:30 a 23:00
Saturday: 11:30 a 23:00
Sunday: 11:30 a 16:00